EMS Educators

The National Association of EMS Educators is the best Instructor program that I have ever attended. Dr. Chris Nollette is a great leader and the President of NAEMSE.

Star of Life

The Star of Life has been an EMS symbol for years. Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians have identified with the blue star as part of their heritage.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association has been an advocate promoting healthy hearts for over 50 years. Their efforts to prevent heart disease and educate the general public has saved millions of lives.

Cardiac Drugs


The new standards for the American Red Cross talk about the new cardiac medications. Amiodarone has been brought to the forefront by many medical doctors. This arrhythmic medication has the properties to reduce the irritation of the myocardial cells. In an attempt to reduce damage to the ventricles, Novocain has been kept in the mix as an alternate to be considered.

Vasopressin is a new cardiac medication that increases vascular tone which in return increases the amount of blood return to the brain and vital organs. The previous medication was epinephrine. The American Red Cross chose to leave it in the protocol as an alternative as well. If your hospital tells you that they have changed to the new standards, you can rest assure the old medications are still acceptable medical care.

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Heart Therapy

United States Marine Corps

Emergency Medical Services

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