EMS Educators

The National Association of EMS Educators is the best Instructor program that I have ever attended. Dr. Chris Nollette is a great leader and the President of NAEMSE.

Star of Life

The Star of Life has been an EMS symbol for years. Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians have identified with the blue star as part of their heritage.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association has been an advocate promoting healthy hearts for over 50 years. Their efforts to prevent heart disease and educate the general public has saved millions of lives.

Congestive Heart Failure

Physicians and nurses are continuing to provide information to patients about how to live with Congestive Heart Failure and provide life saving information to the patients and their family members.  Congestive Heart Failure is diagnosed to many people every year.  Physicians and nurses should consider a PALS certification course that will help expand their knowledge in providing care to patients that may have potentially life threatening heart arrhythmia.

CHF signs and symptoms include shortness of breath, palpitations, swelling of the feet and ankles. Tests such as Echocardiograms and chest x-rays may show an enlarged heart and decrease functioning of the heart muscle.  In the advanced stages when the heart is barely functioning, heart arrhythmias can arise and therefore it would be to the medical professional’s advantage to have taken an ACLS course to understand the correct interventions that have been recommended by the American Heart Association.

Today with the help of medications, daily weights, and regular follow up visits with the physician, the patient has a greater chance of having a better quality of life than in the years past.  Family members are more involved in caring for the patient and are aware of the signs and symptoms of CHF and can intervene by calling the physician early and not waiting until the patient is in a compromised situation.

Heart Therapy

United States Marine Corps

Emergency Medical Services

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