EMS Educators

The National Association of EMS Educators is the best Instructor program that I have ever attended. Dr. Chris Nollette is a great leader and the President of NAEMSE.

Star of Life

The Star of Life has been an EMS symbol for years. Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians have identified with the blue star as part of their heritage.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association has been an advocate promoting healthy hearts for over 50 years. Their efforts to prevent heart disease and educate the general public has saved millions of lives.

Trauma Injury


Trauma can be a wound to the body whether intentional or accidental or as shock which can include psychological. Trauma can cause death or be as minor as a hospital visit. This all depends on they type of trauma and the amount of time that has passed since treatment was sought out. There are several different types of trauma. Some of these types are Penetrating trauma, blunt force trauma, and psychological trauma.

Blunt force trauma often occurs when an injury is inflicted which does not pierce the skin nor organs of the body or any internal space of the body. A blunt force trauma can happen intentionally in such instances as a fight or a brutal attack of sorts. It can also happen unintentionally by means of auto accident or as simple as a fall. Blunt force trauma differs from penetrating in that blunt force trauma is not piercing or puncturing, however it can be just as dangerous and in some cases more dangerous.

Penetrating trauma is when an object pierces the skin, organ or body cavity. This can also be an incident where no outside penetration was the cause but a broken bone or other internal body part was the cause of the piercing or puncture without the piercing of the skin. These types of injuries can be like blunt force traumas in that it can be intentional and unintentional. In cases of intentional it can be from a gun shot or a knife from an altercation. As far as unintentional, like blunt force trauma, penetrating can also occur from an automobile accident or a fall.

Psychological trauma is a result from some sort of traumatic event such as a war, seeing others hurt or from direct violence. You can develop psychological trauma during or after a blunt force or penetrating trauma as well. PALS certification also helps to save children who have been injured in a trauma related incident. Psychological traumas can be long term as well as short term depending on the person. Seeing a professional that is certified in that area of medicine is a must when dealing with this type of trauma.

No matter what type of trauma you have, it is very important that you seek proper medical attention. The quicker you seek medical attention, the higher the chance you will have of having a positive outcome without long term complications. Just because you have been involved in an incident or accident in which a form trauma is not immediately observed doesn’t mean its not there. There is always the risk of internal injuries which you may not know about until its too late. In conclusion, do not play around with any type of injury, no how minor. Getting immediate medical help may save your life or the life of another.

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