EMS Educators

The National Association of EMS Educators is the best Instructor program that I have ever attended. Dr. Chris Nollette is a great leader and the President of NAEMSE.

Star of Life

The Star of Life has been an EMS symbol for years. Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians have identified with the blue star as part of their heritage.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association has been an advocate promoting healthy hearts for over 50 years. Their efforts to prevent heart disease and educate the general public has saved millions of lives.

Trauma Patient

The amount of Trauma that a patient can sustain is unbelievable. The body has unremarkable toughness that cannot ever be measured from the Scene Size Up scenario. As a Paramedic, I have witnessed many accident with very little damage to the vehicle with the patient to be found dead in the car. Then I have seen many accidents with massive damage to the vehicle and the patient will be out of the car talking on the cell phone. Some of the patients that are very critical at the scene will require Advanced Cardiac Life Support in order to save their life.

There are times when you will come into contact with a child. It takes a very experienced Paramedic to deal with such a patient. He or she should have an American Heart Association PALS certification card. These kids can be very difficult to manage without the skill level of this advanced course. As a Paramedic, I am cognitive that I need constant training and education in order to remain sharp.

As a tradition, EMS personnel have always performed and taught CPR for the new hires. The new hires are taught to integrate CPR skills in the treatment of the Trauma Patient.  The patient must be handled with the utmost care to prevent him or her from dying at the scene of the accident. While CPR is great and all, it will not prevent death if the patient has severe trauma injuries inside their thoracic cavity.

A Trauma Patient will ultimately require a Trauma Surgeon to repair all the damage that has occurred. Grady Hospital is the best Trauma Center in the State of Georgia without question. There has been many Trauma Patients that have survived due to the excellent skills and knowledge of the medical staff in the Emergency Room. Many of their nurses has at least 20 years of emergency room experience which to draw from in order to save a patient.

While the patient is in the hospital, we must go back and recreate the scene in order to prevent accidents in the future. In the State of Georgia, we have learned that there are many intersections that are none hazards at which many deaths has occurred. The DOT has gone to these intersections in an attempt to further understand how the accident occurred.

The Trauma Patient is the one who ultimately suffers as a result. We need to become more proactive in order to prevent the occurrence of motor vehicle collisions. I ask each and everyone of you to be active in your community and see if we can save lives through prevention rather than emergency medicine.

Heart Therapy

United States Marine Corps

Emergency Medical Services

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